Sample Endorsement Letter

An endorsement letter (and a sample endorsement letter) are like a letter of recommendation, which lists certain reasons for why the writer of it supports a certain person or thing. It is synonymous with a testimonial, just with a different name. There is a certain structure that must be followed when it comes to any letter of endorsement, so this is a guideline that will show you the steps to take when writing one, and eventually give a model that could be used in a professional or academic environment.

This is not to be confused with how to endorse a check, which follow different principles. Another interesting thing to note, in addition to this guide, is a celebrity endorsement. Celebrity testimonials are slightly different than the ones that will be outlined here.

Tips to Follow When Writing an Endorsement Letter

The first step to take is to clearly indicate what or whom it is that you are giving an endorsement or recommendation. If your endorsement letter is centered around a person, indicate the details involved with your relationship of that person, like how long you have been associated. List any benefits you can think about, perhaps what makes them applicable for the thing they are being recommended for.

Always list substantial reasons for any endorsement you make, whether for a person or a thing. Indicate in the letter that contact information will be given upon their request, or just include it to start. The final step is to essentially summarize everything you have gave reasons for so that the endorsement is concluded. The endorsement process is not a difficult one, and can be accomplished by just being sincere and detailed. Remember to clarify and elaborate.

Sample Endorsement Letter

Below is a sample endorsement letter, which all of this has been leading up to. Note that this is not directed at anyone or anybody in particular, and should only be used as a general blueprint around writing or receiving your own. The likenesses of people or of the institutions in this letter are not reflective of any actual persons or institutions, and any similarities are purely coincidental.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Angela Weber has excelled at her academic record and her endeavors on the Varsity track team. She has displayed an exceptional aptitude for learning and knowledge at one of the highest-esteemed academies in the country. Many people she has introduced herself to have noted her wit, charm, and pleasantness. Through her demeanor and willingness to work alongside her teachers and their requests of her, she has achieved one of the highest grade point averages in our institution. It is for these reasons why I am endorsing her as a student in this establishment of higher education.

You have records of her scores and awards from this school, which have not been too difficult for her to achieve. This is because her will to learn and desire for knowledge are insatiable. She has a truly wondrous mind that ought to be explored to the fullest of its extents, and molded to become something great in this world. Hopefully all of her future efforts and wishes may be fulfilled through her honesty, diligence, integrity, and most of all, her kindness. There are not many students I can say this of.

It has been my honor working with this young lady, and I hope that her acumen is reflected as she continues through life on an inevitable path to success. I also hope this is sufficient in convincing you to take her on as a student, because I want for only the best in young Angela, and your prestigious school is where I’m confident she will get it. Thank for your considerations and of reading this letter.

James Randal
Principal, West Valley High School

This concludes the section on the sample endorsement letter.

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