Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

Have you ever thought what a celebrity endorsement might be? A celebrity is considered any person of influence or widespread popularity in the entertainment media, or in general. These can be a sports team, players of that team, mainstream singers, actors, authors, or anyone of significance that have appealed to a large fan base. In essence, anyone who has become a famous entity within a culture.

There are two types of celebrity endorsement: one compensates the celebrity figure by giving them money in exchange for promoting a product, and the other is a type of endorsement advertisement to a product given to people that will essentially compare them to other celebrities who have used a certain product. The difference between them is that one involves the influential person directly supporting the product, and the other involves drawing a comparison based on the secondhand support of the product through usage by the influential person.

Celebrity Endorsement Letter

A celebrity endorsement will align potential customers up with relevant famous people who have used the same products. This is a marketing tactic that will attempt to raise the status of the celebrity up higher than the layperson, so that the people who are behind said famous person may become more attracted to the idea of using a product that a person of whom they are a fan has used.

For example, if a celebrity endorsement letter were to say that a selection of famous singers have used a certain brand of perfume, the tactic assumes that the fans of these people would immediately take on the mindset that the perfume is good for them because it is good for those celebrities – or, if not, use them based on recognizability, or out of appreciation. This is not to be confused with a sample endorsement letter, which revolve around average folk.

It is a tactic that does not appear to be going away anytime soon. As long as we have celebrities filling the industry and media, they will be placed on a pedestal as people of influence, and paid to be put into advertisements and letters for products. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A celebrity endorsement can make a good or positive product more visible, such as a blood donation, which can prove to be beneficial overall.

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